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  • Organizations today face severe challenges recruiting the talent they need to protect their critical systems from cybersecurity threats.

  • While shortages exist across the board, the greatest need is for professionals with deep technical training who can take on high-value roles like secure system design, tool development, and penetration testing.

  • Currently, system of cybersecurity training and education is failing to prepare students for these roles because the few cyber-related courses are theoretical.

  • Businesses rely on ICT and computer science graduates to perform cybersecurity roles, although cybersecurity industry standards require a clear separation of duty between ICT and cybersecurity employees.

  • Cybersecurity is a special field that requires unique expertise. Currently, several employees who are taking cybersecurity roles are found to be lacking in fundamental knowledge, practical experience, and critical soft skills.

  • Unfortunately, most people who have taken cybersecurity roles do not have hands-on skills.

  • To create awareness among high school students and to improve cybersecurity education in Ghana, The Institute of Cybersecurity/ CyberGhana, in 2021 launched a cybersecurity club project at selected senior high schools.

  • The CyberChampions Competition is a national program supported that develops and hosts cybersecurity camps and competitions for selected high school students.

  • This STEM-based competition is intended to develop a cybersecurity workforce among the youths.

  • It is part of the Institute's commitment to promoting cybersecurity engineering education and to helping build Ghana's pool of diverse talent in cybersecurity from the high school level. 

  • CyberGhana gives its students an opportunity to be a part of Cyberchampions.

  • The program offered by Cyberchampions helps young individuals and experienced professionals both, alike.

  • It is a great initiative to promote cybersecurity awareness and one must not miss this opportunity if one wants a career in this field.