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k-12 Cybersecurity

  • Cyberghana opens a lot of doors to cyberclubs. Cyberclubs are great platforms for people to
    interact with likeminded people.

  • Ideas can be shared from across the globe through these clubs.

  • An individual gets access to different kinds of perspectives and knowledge from people who
    have personally dealt with different kinds of cybersecurity issues.

Cyber Competitions

  • The CyberChampions Competition is a national program that develops and hosts cybersecurity camps and competitions for selected high school students.

  • This STEM-based competition is intended to develop a cybersecurity workforce among the youths.

  • It is part of the Institute's commitment to promoting cybersecurity engineering education and to helping build Ghana's pool of diverse talent in cybersecurity from the high school level. 

  • Cyberghana gives its students an opportunity to be a part of Cyberchampions.

  • The program offered by Cyberchampions helps young individuals and experienced professionals both, alike.

  • It is a great initiative to promote cybersecurity awareness and one must not miss this opportunity if one wants a career in this field.

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