The Women in Innovation Group (WIG) of CYBERGHANA uses digital and technology training to empower young women and girls. The program seeks to create long-term social and economic change for the unemployed and underprivileged young women and girls through learning of technology, engineering, entrepreneurial, and digital marketing skills.

The  WIG Workforce Project

The WIG project has been introduced to provide a diverse employment placements opportunities (including internship and workforce development programmes) for young women and girls to a variety of industries and career paths including: higher education, non-profits, library sciences, entrepreneurship, human/social services, state government, law, healthcare, and information technology. In the WIG internship program, young women are prepared on the job to enhance productivity and contribute to a positive work environment with enthusiasm and professionalism. The WIG interns are certified “Job Ready” receiving four weeks of pre-employment training designed to strengthen the skills needed to succeed in the working world.

WIG's Workforce Development Training topics include:

·         Professional attire and business etiquette.

·         Effective communication skills.

·         Resume writing and interviewing techniques.

·         Conflict resolution and professional decorum.


·         Developing Ghana’s future cyber and digital workforce.

·         Youth receive "real" work experience.

·         Exploration and training in a variety of career fields.

·         Gaining skills that are necessary for future employment.

·         Mentoring and networking opportunities from a diverse pool of professional.

·         Stimulates the local economy.

Work Experience Goals include:

·         Provide extensive job readiness training for youth.

·         Develop employability skills.

·         Promote civic engagement.

·         Expose youth to post-secondary educational and/or vocational opportunities.

·         Provide professional mentors and instructors in a variety of career paths.

·         Provide safe and constructive social outlets through supervised out of school activities.

·         Encourage continued school enrollment.



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